Monday, June 7, 2010

Interior Design - Jamie Bush & Co

I first saw Jamie Bush’s work in the Architectural Digest ( the one with Jennifer Aniston on the cover! ) . While I really liked and appreciated his work featured in that particular issue, I had to share these three spaces with you because:
1) I think they are stylistically evocative of a particular period in this case mid -century modern and are yet totally relevant as contemporary spaces to live in. 
2 ) I just really like his sense of design, colour, texture, attention to detail and every space has great pieces of furniture that all fit perfectly together 
3)  last but not least all my favorite chairs seem to be appear in these spaces.

RESIDENCE   Described as a playful mid-century modern home and compound!

MID-CENTURY   Building in stone, glass, wood, and steel is set in the scenic foothills of the Sierra Madre.

RESIDENCE    A modern courtyard house fashioned from redwood, concrete, steel and glass surrounded by lush Japanese gardens.

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  1. love it ... thanks for sharing! you must see my uncles home in ahemdabad ... designed by le corbusier ... gorgeous! faded and kinda old in parts but the architectural and design integrity is amazing! u would love it ... slopes instead of stairs, a little attic study, bathrom with no door but 100% privacy! and lovely terrace sitout with the absolute must for gujju homes ... a swing!
    love u ... my stylish friend!