Friday, February 5, 2010

DIY project:Art Display

My project for this week is a DIY project of sorts.
Beautiful furniture is being displayed temporarily at a show apartment. The walls are bare and because the space will only be used for a short period of time I need to find an option that will create maximum impact, with minimum damage to the walls ( I’d like to avoid nails and hooks for hanging ) While searching for inspiration I thought I’d put together a few images that might be of help in case anyone else is looking for art display ideas.
While some images do present damage free ideas, some are just great ideas to create feelings of bold geometric drama, some are light and single impact pieces of art work and some are fun ways to arrange multiple art works ! Enjoy .....
LEFT :a bold bolt of colour adds a dynamic feel inspite of the dark walls.
RIGHT :abstratct art hung on the wall without a frame,lends a contemporary
feel to the kitchen

LEFT : A combination of framed and unframed art works are casually placed on the floors,and hung on the wall. Combined with the eclectic furniture it creates a young vibrant feel for this space.
RIGHT : picking colours from the painting has helped to enhance the accented neutral color scheme for this seating area.

LEFT  and RIGHT : Both these images illustrate setting an overall feeling of calm with
large pale quiet art works both are framed with white which blends into the walls.

LEFT : frameless canvases in pale pastel colours arranged in jigsaw fashion to cover the area of the wall.
RIGHT : Framed black and whites in frames arranged in jigsaw fashion to cover the area of the wall.while the style of arrangement is the same the colour schemes and style of art works and shoice of furniture create completly differnet feelings for each space from shabby chich to urban modern.

Graphic and bold, the wallpaper plays as significant a role as the actaul art work in this space.  

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  1. i want the stunning calm apartment on the left.