Saturday, August 11, 2012

Design by Patricia Urquiola


I'd like one of these please !

The line is called Pavo Real , 
outdoor chairs designed for Driade
Aluminium and woven plastic - just love them !

via: moroso

BiKnit for Moroso

photos via and  deseraputi.blogspot

 Patricia Urquiola
The Spanish designer lives and works in Milan.
She's worked with every possible brand you can 
think of and has her own studio !! 

designed for EMU,inspired by the 50's, 
 the line is called RE-TROUVÉ.


Tropicalia  for Moroso steel tubing plated 
with heavy-metal-free thermoplastic polymer threads 

via : stylepark 

via : smow

via :smow 

Crinoline for B&B iIalia

more Tropicalia .............

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

shabby chic

More grain sack !

love these lamps , top and bottom !

                             A caramel sofa 

Monday, August 6, 2012


Calm and serene,vibrant and colorful!
I'm feeling both these moods at the same time...........
It's a grey and gloomy day outside, these spaces are
making me feel much better.  Enjoy !

love the Cy Twombly painting on the left.Beautiful muted colors and the gauzy hammock as a wall hanging above the bed, is just a perfect touch of texture.
via :design-crisis

a chest / trunk as a side table , i just love that. 
more linen, I could'nt ever do dark colors but linen it will be. 

 via :design-crisis

a picture window huuuummmm !
via :design-crisis

via billbarr.wordpress

 via billbarr.wordpress

love love love this bedspread and the lamp .
it's an organised way to add color 

so PRETTY !!
via : cannellevanille

Playful and whimsical - i like 

sophisticated touch of color 

via : cannellevanille