Saturday, February 23, 2013

DOSHI'S : Exhibition at The Prince of Wales Museum

They've done it again, a great exhibition of 
Colonial and ArtDeco furniture and artifacts.
We went in this morning pre work, a little early at 10.45am. 
I thought embarrassingly we would be the first ones there,
but in true mumbai style there was already a large 
happy crowd of shoppers !!
It's on till the 27th. 

Here's some if my images from today.

Loooove these hessian curtains !!

what they say ..........


Mahendra Doshi Restorateurs presents a finely-curated selection of Art Deco and colonial furniture
The chutzpah of Art Deco and the romance of colonial times delightfully come together in Mahendra Doshi Restorateurs’ latest exhibition,at the Prince of Wales Museum’s Coomaraswamy Hall.

The show features the very best of colonial furniture and subtly traces the transition to Art Deco, a style that made its presence felt in Mumbai between 1950 and 1970, as architecture, furniture, fashion and all forms of visual art at the time celebrated the glamour, luxury and aplomb of a trend that began in Paris in 1925.

The interesting element of the show is the clear evolution from one distinctive style to another as the curvy lines and ornate detailing of colonial furniture gave way to the bold, geometric shapes and rich colours of Art Deco. The exhibition also features pieces that embody the collusion between colonial and Art Deco design including a funky trapezoid sideboard that stands on carved, colonial-style legs.

The showstoppers include a mahogany regency linen press with ebony inlay – a colonial masterpiece from Calcutta, and a retro Art Deco lounger, upholstered in crimson leather, from the Sixties. Other Art Deco pieces are the gentleman’s chest of drawers in iron with brass work, a revolving bookcase and an imposing teakwood three-door cabinet with brass handle. Close to 150 pieces of furniture are on display including a host of artefacts from both eras.

Mahendra Doshi was a pioneer in the business of restoring antique furniture, a passion he cultivated over four decades, and his name is synonymous with exquisite, handpicked pieces that are returned to their original essence. His legacy is now in the hands of Anand Gandhi, Chiki Doshi and Asim Doshi, members of Mahendra Doshi’s family who have worked closely with the master restorateur, and are passionately involved in bringing you the very best collection of vintage pieces.

Mahendra Doshi Restorateurs holds its fourth exhibition in Mumbai at the Coomaraswamy Hall, Prince of Wales Museum, between 10 am and 7 pm from February 23-27, 2013.

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