Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Astier de Villatte !


Astier  de Villatte
Is now available at Le Mill !

These devine pieces of parissienne china are handmade in Paris 
of black terra cotta and finished with a milky white glaze. 
At Le Mill You’ll find wafer thin glazed platters, 
plates, bowls, pitchers and mugs ……

These exquisite handmade pieces are crafted from 
black terracotta clay using a special technique
which leaves deliberate imperfections on the surface.

 Each piece is unique !

These piece couldn’t further away 
from mass produced .
 Whatever you pick up you can be sure that
no two pieces are exactly alike.

photos above by me !!

Astier de Villatte is a 15-year-old lifestyle 
company founded by Benoît Astier de Villatte 
and Ivan Pericoli.

Their products are created in a Bastille workshop
that used to house Napolean's silversmith.

The are best known for their 18th- and 19th-century
inspired handmade ceramics.

They work with 20 a team of twenty ceramicists 
(perhaps the biggest in Paris) who make pottery 
the way Benoît's father taught him 
and his siblings.

Made with black terra-cotta clay 
                finished with a milky white glaze.

Astier de Villatte also produces AGENDAS, 
          and it’s own rage beauty products, including
hand creams.

check out their fab web site

I want ....

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