Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ceramic Artist - Hitomi Hosono

 Divinity in creation!
These unbelievably beautiful pieces of work are by 
Hitomi Hosono, London-based ceramic artist 
who creates intricately detailed botanical ceramic sculptures.

Born and raised in Japan she creates her detailed
porcelain all from memory. Blooming foliage, leaves and 
flowers as well as collected memories of nature from her own childhood in japan, where her family runs a small rice farm. 

Her inspiration and process...
I find myself drawn to the intricacy of plants, examining the veins of a leaf, how its edges are shaped, the layering of a flower’s petals. I look, I touch, I draw.’ 
For some works it can take up to a month 
to create the mold, three weeks to attach the foliage,
and up to five months to let it dry!The artist uses an 18th century method she learnt while interning at Wedgwood called 'sprigging' 
(in which tiny ceramic reliefs are applied to clay surfaces)


via www.designboom.com

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