Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's the season

It’s the 20th of December and finally it’s starting to feel a little festive in Mumbai.
It’s been an eventful year with lots of projects, goals and objectives being achieved and successfully completed. I am feeling saturated, complete, a little tired but also excited and hopeful for 2012 ……
I love these photos and styling by Dietlind Wolf, they are saturated too, with colour and positivity,and help to express what I’m feeling. I hope you enjoy these images.
Everyone is looking forward to a fantastic 2012.
I wish everyone good health and peace of mind.Of course it goes without saying
that I  also wish everyone lots of  Love, success ,lots of laughter , warmth , creativity , beauty , bliss , great holidays, spa holidays in particular ;-)   exploring new countries and cities, making new friends , romance, family time, great new  jobs (for those who are beginning new adventures)etc etc

But most of all I really really wish everyone good health and peace of mind.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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